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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Brody and Wright in the same Movie??? SAY IT AINT SO!

So 2 of our IndieSeen Favorites Adrien Brody and Jeffrey Wright will be starring in a film 2gether called Cadillac Records. So of course we plan on going to the screening openin-freakin nite! Originally Matt Damon was set to star in the anticipated flick but bowed at the last minute and Brody took over. Thank Gawd....kinda tired of seein Matt Damon's punchbag face (don't his face look a lil squished in??). He needs the break anyway...

So Jeffrey Wright---the most underrated extremely talented God-given gifted human being in all of cinema is also starring which is always a movie worth looking forward to. Adrien has taken on the role of Leonard Chess, and Wright will be Muddy Waters in the feature, which starts filming in March. They will be joined by Columbus Short (Stomp the Yard), Emmanuelle Chriqui (Entourage), Cedric the Entertainer (Code Name: The Cleaner), and Tammy Blanchard (Life with Judy Garland: Me and My Shadows).

Oh yea...but there's one more thing...Beyonce Knowles is playing Etta James. Fuuuuuucccckkk!!!! Okay sorry, but damn we were on a roll here! We have some talented A-list Academy Award and Tony Award winning actors in the lead roles and then casting had to fuck up and bring Beyonce into the picture. We're not hatin or anything...but really...who says this girl can act? She should stick to singing Bootylicious anthems and being Jay-Z's damaged goods. OUCH. Well yall know what we mean....

Anyways, we just don't understand why why why Beyonce should be cast when there are some MAJORLY talented sistas out there who should have played Etta James. Does NYIndieSeen need to bust out with casting suggestions as to who should have played the role? I mean we can if yall want us too...but we're gonna have to start charging.

Well we'll see how this pans out. If Beyonce fails miserably as an actress (and I'm quite sure she will) then perhaps Hollywood will finally see that seeing her on celluloid is a complete waste of time....and money.

SOURCE: Cinematical

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