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Monday, November 5, 2007

Writing Character-Driven Stories

Writing Character-Driven Stories
Nov. 9-11

Dissolve writing blocks and experience a creative flow
Maximize the emotional impact of your work and evoke the feelings you intended
Develop authentic characters and exciting plots by focusing on your characters' relationships
Enjoy an easy-to-follow crash-course in story structure
Acquire tools that make the revision process finite and productive
Learn how to network effectively with other writers and filmmakers, even if you're deathly shy
See detailed course description at: Friday, Nov. 9, 7-9:30pmSat-Sun. Nov. 10-11, 10am-6:30pm

PLACE:New York Women in Film & TV6 East 39th Street, Suite 1200New York, NY(near all subways lines)
Standard fee: $385
Repeaters: $285

If you earn under $40K a year and are not independently wealthy, then you qualify for the pay-
what-you-can policy. Details are listed in the workshop application page of the website.

What writers have been saying:

"I learned more about story structure in Ela's class than in ten years of working in film."ROSE VIGGIANODynamic Productions"As a literary agent, I would recommend your class to any writer who is starting out, switching mediums, or an experienced writer looking to add weapons to their arsenal and write more memorable scripts."SONIA PABLEYLiterary agent, The Gersh Agency"There are a million writing classes but only one Ela. She is a godsend to writers who need encouragement and real tools for success. Take her class and spend the rest of your life finishing good scripts!"KATE FARRELFour times Emmy-award winner, 22-years of television production"Three sessions with Ela taught me more than an entire semester of an expensive film school. I find myself wanting to write constantly."PAYAL SETHIFormer head of development, Mirabai Films"Ela's techniques turn her students into writing athletes. It's the difference between despair and glee at the keyboard."JOSEPH SPAIDDirector, Kiran Over Mongolia and Watch the Closing Doors"When I read the testimonials on Ela's website, I said to myself: 'No one is that good.' And I was right. Ela is infinitely better than good."STEVE KLAUSNERBest Screenplay, "Headspace" NYC Horror Film Festival

The Writers' Guild of America, an organization of 12,000 members, has unanimously voted to go on strike:

WGA 2007 contract proposal:
If you only read one thing about the strike, read the first couple of items on this list for a healthy picture of what the strike is about.

Strike rules and info:
If you're not a guild member, you should still not be writing, negotiating or even having discussions with a struck company. Besides it being unethical, you would be jeopardizing possibility of future membership in the Writers' Guild.

Strike-related articles:

New-York-based writers: if you can, join me and fellow writers on the picket line from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., around Rockefeller Plaza on 49th St. Visit for details and updates.

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