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Monday, September 10, 2007

Indie Pick O' The Day: Shortbus

John Cameron Mitchell decides to go out of the box and direct a film about New Yorkers discovering their sexual awakenings. That's different right? No other filmmaker has ever gone to such depths to show a narrative about horny New Yorkers gettin it on with other horny New Yorkers? Well okay, maybe it HAS been done before, but Mitchell asked his cast members to have unsimulated sex on screen to make this not just another sappy-New York-sexually frustrated-commitmentphobia-type of flick. Shew!

Shortbus is a film about a place in the city aptly called....Shortbus! It's a sexy skin party where couples, singles, trannies, hipsters, queers, punks, preps, geeks, goths, and the like go to get their freak on! The main character Sofia ironically a sex therapist is pre-orgasmic...yikes!!! Yea, we never heard of the term pre-orgasmic before either...and thank God for that!!! Basically poor Sofia has never experience an orgasm before...double yikes!!! POOR BABY!!! Sofia finds herself on a quest and becomes sexually awakened thanks to a cute gay couple by the name of Jamie and James who are having their own sexual issues in their relationship. James wants Jamie to invite a threesome into their mix but James has an ulterior motive that could have critical ramifications.

Meanwhile Sofia is invited by James and Jamie to go to Shortbus and experience from others what it is like to have an orgasm since her husband Rob is doing a shitty job at it. Sofia meets Justin, (
who plays himself) who is the hostess of the Shortbus parties. Justin Bonds is such a delight and brings so much such humor and luminance to the film. Apparently during auditioning and casting, any interested actors were to submit a 10-minute video of themselves describing an important sexual experience. The director received approximately 500 tapes. On the DVD they show the process of how these actors were chosen for the film. Get paid to get laid??? I'm in! To make the actors more comfortable, the director and the cameramen were stripped naked while filming the orgy scene. What a fun production to have worked on!!

Interestin where is the REAL Shortbus around here??

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