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Friday, July 13, 2007

No Reservations: Early Review


No Reservations: Directed by Scott Hicks

A staffer from NYIndieSeen has an attachment to this film since she actually worked on it. So, this review will be as tame as possible. With that said, I gotta say, this movie was just another romantic comedy cliche that I have seen in 10,000 other movies within the last decade.

No Reservations is about a Manhattan chef named Kate (played by Catherine Zeta-Jones) who is amazingly attractive, has her own fabulous apt in a ritzy brownstone, has a high profile career, and is VERY SINGLE. She has a problem opening up to men and letting people in to her perfectionist world of cooking. Hmmmm....damn I don't think I've seen a movie like this before. A girl who has it all but can't seem to find Mr. Right? Yea, this is definitely some new material here.

Nick (played by the towering Aaron Eckhart) is the new chef that comes into Kate's life and guess what??? Sweeps her off her feet. Well not instantly at first of course. The two cannot get along. There has to be that animosity mixed with sexual tension before an actual relationship begins ya know. The chemistry bewteen these two is more dull than my ass. Sorry, but its true. I've seem better chemistry between Dick Cheney and a Perazzi shotgun. Oh yea, there was one scene where Nick tells Kate that she needs to open up and let him in....I was feelin total deja vu cuz he totally sounded like George from Erin Brockovich. Totes.

Now the highlight of the film and the only reason worth seeing it is little Abigail Breslin who plays Zoe. She steals every scene in this flick. She comes into the picture after her mother (who is Kate's sister) gets killed in an automobile accident. Kate is now forced to take care of Zoe and Zoe help changes Kate's perspective on life and relationships.

Wow...I mean are there any other films that carry this same storyline or formula? Cuz these are some really original plotlines here. REALLY.

Anyways, you can judge it for yourself when the film opens on July 27th.

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