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Friday, July 13, 2007

Celebrity Spottings This Week...

Chloe Sevigny was spotted at 35 Canal St chillin with friends trying to stick to her emo hipster style that she tries way too hard to emulate.

Edie Falco was at 339 Greenwich St. Perhaps paying a visit to Tony Soprano? James Gandofini
lives in the neighborhood.

Heather Matarazzo shopping at 770 Broadway. The sapphic actress was at Kmart in Astor Place. Her alleged lover Anne Hathaway was nowhere to be found.

Rene Zellweger at 57th and Broadway. Seen with a Chanel bag...perhaps a Chinatown knockoff?

An NYIndieSeen Staffer spotted a C-lister and a B-lister...can you guess which is which??

Tyra Banks was seen at 10:30 p.m. on Spring Street right near the 6 train station. Her hair was uncombed and she had on a denim jacket with black stretch pants. She went into this lil bodega shop and bought 4 pints of OJ---some dude asked her to take a photo and she nicely said..."No". Cute figure. Cute butt. Bad hair.

Courtney Love performed at the Hiro Ballroom on 16th and 9th Ave. I pray she does not become the next Anna Nicole. always and skinner than a Rwandan refugee she performed a long set at this venue for free. Her arms were so skinny you can see the lining of her muscles. Her hair looked like a rag doll (nuthin new) and she totally had SEVERE lip collagen injections. She's startin to look like the joker. She still rocked the house though.

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