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Monday, July 2, 2007

Indie Pick O' The Day: Reservoir Dogs we know that this blog has been stood up, neglected, and abandoned for weeks now and we apologize for that. So it's time to slowly....but surely get back into discussing indie film.

Let's talk about my favorite film of ALL time..............


Yes, this film is not new to the NYIndieSeen blog and has been discussed many many times before, but it has not yet fallen into the NYIndieSeen Pick O The Day Category until now.

So for those of you that have no clue about indie cinema or about how this film got made, the script was written in 3 days by QT. That's Quentin Tarantino of course. Then he basically got together all of this famous talent in this film. How did he get them?

Well his producing partner and friend
Lawrence Bender was taking an acting class taught by Harvey Keitel's wife. That's right. So what do you do when your an aspiring filmmaker with an awesome script you totally feel confident about and find yourself in an acting class taught by a celebrity who you thinnk should totally be in the film and you find its his wife actually teaching the class????? You give her the script of course!! You hope that first of all she reads it, and second that she shows it to her superstar husband. You hope that he actually reads it and PRAY that he likes it.

Well guess what? Harvey Keitel loved it. He loved it so much in fac that not only he decide to produce it, he wanted to BE IN IT. Damn. That's awesome.

So Reservoir Dogs is about a jewelry heist gone bad. There a group of 6 thieves who rob the place. The police arrive at the scene TOO soon and it becomes suspect that there is one among their group who may be a RAT. But who is it??

The film stars Harvey Keitel,
Michael Madsen, Tim Roth, Chris Penn, Steve Buscemi, Lawrence Tierney, Eddie Bunker, and QT himself. There are strong performances by each character and the dialogue is amazing. My favorite scene is the opening scene of te film including Mr. Brown's "Like A Virgin Speech". That's just a straight classic. I mean I have a whole new perspective about what Madonna meant in that song. Check this out to see what I'm talkin about:

Awesome right??? Yaaah you knoow u like it. You know u want it. Yeaaaah get it get it!!

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