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Thursday, March 8, 2007

That Baby Stealing Movie

ED is entering with NATHAN JR.

This is it young Nathan Jr. Just feast your eyes

about, old boy!

Don't be so loud around him, Hi.

HI: (softly):
Damn, I'm sorry honey.

And don't you cuss around him.

Aw, he don't know a cuss word from shinola.

Well see that he don't.

HI (jovially):
He's all right, he is.

He reaches for the child.

... Come on over here, Nathan Jr., I'll show you


He takes the baby in both hands and holds him out at arm's

length, pointing him at the various places of interest. The

baby looks google-eyed at each one.

... Lookahere, young sportsman. That-there's the

kitchen area where Ma and Pa chow down. Over there's

the TV, two hours a day maximum, either educational or

football so's you don't ruin your appreciation of the finer

things. This-here's the divan, for sociahzin' and relaxin'

with the family unit. Yessir, many's the day we sat there

and said wouldn't it be nice to have a youngster here to

share our thoughts and feelin's-

Impatient with the nonsense:

He's tired, Hi.

Well we'll just sit you right there, boy ...

He is propping NATHAN JR. up in the corner of the couch. Hi

sits at the other corner and ED Sits in a facing chair.

... Just put those dogs up'n take a load off.

Hi beams at NATHAN JR. ED smiles at NATHAN JR. NATHAN

IR. looks from one to the other, deadpan. They seem to be

waiting for him to contribute to the conversation.


Suddenly Hi slaps his knee.

What are you kiddin'?! We got a family here!

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