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Friday, March 16, 2007

SEEN In Manhattan Baby!!

Here are some celebrities spotted in NYC this week!

Brooke Shields was seen at 40 W 57th St filming something...perhaps a commerical about anti-depressants?

Kim Cattrall was on W 17th St at a resturaunt very casual in jeans--very non Samantha-like

Kevin Bacon was at 375 Hudson St wandering around aimlessly in an office building

Benicio Del Toro at Duane and Hudson St sitting on a park bench looking ugly sexy

Cynthia Nixon was spotted at Centre St going in for jury duty...did Miranda ever have jury duty?

M Night Shyamalan at 105 Hudson St at the popular celebrity chill spot Nobu spotted with Marky funky bunch in sight though.

Lindsay Lohan was at 16 Bank St at the Waverly Inn on a diet coke craze. Well u gotta substitute coke for something...why not a diet soft drink with a similar name?

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