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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Indie Pick O' The Day: Swimming With Sharks

Do you think you have the WORST boss ever? After you see this flick, you may find out you have it easy after all. Swimming With Sharks released in 1994, is film that stars the magnificent Kevin Spacey and the ambiguous Frank Whaley. Whaley plays Guy, a yuppie na├»ve Hollywood studio assistant who becomes Buddy Ackerman’s (Spacey) bitch.

Buddy constantly berates Guy at every open opportunity and actually gets off on it. Poor Guy (pun intended) is like every other lowly assistant in the entertainment industry who is willing to take the heat from Buddy to make his way to the top and become a Hollywood producer. However, Buddy’s taunts get worse and Guy’s abuse is starting to take a toll on him. Guy decides to take matters into his own hands and teach Buddy a lesson in respect. He kidnaps Buddy and holds him hostage in his apartment. Ties a rope around him and bounds him to a chair. From that point on the torture begins and Buddy is forced to face his past and how he has mistreated everyone he has ever come in contact with.

Kevin Spacey is so extraordinary to watch. He can play EVERY type of role. The role of a jerk-off Hollywood studio executive is so scandalous to watch and quite humorous. I’m a bit partial to Kevin Spacey, but you’ll more than likely enjoy this film, and most certainly can relate if you work in the entertainment industry.

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