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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Indie Pick O' The Day: Requiem For A Dream

The performances in this film are absolutely stunning. I remember seeing this film and thinking, damn I never would have expected Marlon Wayans to carry out a role so dramatic and so vivid and frankly, I feel that he was snubbed for an Oscar nod if I may be so bold.

The film is about addiction. Plain and simple. Each of the protagonists in this film are addicted to not only illegal substances, but have been consumed by other addictions that take place in their life.

Sara, played by the eloquent
Ellen Burstyn is obsessed with watching TV. She watches tons of game shows. Day in and day out she sits on her couch in her living room and is glued to the tube. She soon finds out that she has an opportunity to appear on a game show and is concerned about her appearance. She starts taking diet pills to lose weight, and that’s where her drug addiction begins.

Harry (
Jared Leto) and Tyrone (Wayans) are both drug dealers. Tyrone is actually trying to get out and escape from his deteriorating life in the rough streets of Brooklyn. He gets with Harry and they decide to start a business selling clothing designs from Harry’s girlfriend (Jennifer Connelly).

After Tyrone gets arrested the group finds themselves back from where they started and resort to going back to their old habits. Things get desperate. So desperate that Marion decides to earn money and coke through sexual favors.

Each of these characters tragically have a downfall in some way throughout the course of the story. It’s hard hitting film about not only about addiction itself, but the consequences of addiction at all levels.


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