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Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Indie Pick O' The Day: p.s.

I really like movies that explore the “what ifs” of life. What if you had a second chance at love? Well this particular “what if” is explored in the film P.S. directed by Dylan Kidd (of Roger Dodger fame).

The film stars
Laura Linney and Topher –that 70’s kid- Grace. Linney plays Louise Harrington a divorced, thirty-something admission's office at Columbia University. She is an admissions counselor for the Fine Arts program. One day, a graduate school application crosses her desk and she arranges to interview the young painter. When Scott Feinstadt (Grace) appears, he bears an uncanny resemblance to Louise's high school boyfriend and one true love, an artist who died in a car accident twenty years earlier. Within hours of the interview, Louise and Scott have embarked on a passionately uninhibited older woman/younger man affair.

There are crazy romantic complications that arise out of this passionate affair. The web of scandal that lies within the student teacher relationship begins to unfold when Harrington’s ex-husband finds out she is having an affair with one of her students.

Harrington’s best friend from high school Missy also vies for affections from the boy that looks
strangely similar to their high school sweetheart.

I really love Laura Linney. She really defines what it is to be a middle aged woman caught in a mid- life crisis and feeling an uncertainty to what love is all about.

Topher Grace is a delight as well. I like his sarcastic-almost-condescending-yet-witty attitude that he has towards his art and life in general. This student is wise beyond his years and teaches his professor more about love than she’ll ever know. After seeing the trailer to Spiderman 3, his role in this film almost mirrors that to the character he plays in the upcoming superhero flick. He’s just not as annoying.

Topher Grace won
Best Breakthrough Performance at the National Board of Review for his role in p.s.

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