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Thursday, March 1, 2007

Indie Pick 'O' the day: The Company

Neve campbell, gives one of her best performances to date as a Ballet Dancer in The Company. The film, which was directed by legendary filmmaker Robert Altman, works as more of a ensemble, which it appears Altman is most comfortable with. The entire company is the star of this production .
The film, follows dancers, choreographers and office staff from the Joffrey ballet of Chicago, and there attempts to stage a production it is based on actual anecdotes and stories from the Joffrey staff, and it shows.

The film isn't an excite a minute feature but the dance performances tend to make up for it. though a small subplot involving a relationship between Campbell and James Franco is thrown in for good measure, it is obvious where the real focus is... the dance.

Campbell handles her acting and dancing with ease (she is a former professional dancer) she also co wrote and co produced the film , it was apparently a labor of love for Campbell years in the making, and her excitement for the project comes across on screen.

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