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Monday, March 12, 2007

Indie pic 'O' the day: Series 7: The contenders

What a twisted little scenario, the 2001 film Series 7: The Contenders
directed by Daniel Minihan, works as a commentary of the Reality TV show craze and of our societies ferocious consumption of sensationalistic and violent programming.
The film, which is shot in a reality TV show format, is based around a television series in which 6 contestants are chosen at random in a small town, each contestant must hunt and kill the other or be killed themselves.
The series follows returning champion Dawn Lagarto (Brooke Smith) who has survived 2 previous seasons and now, at 8 months pregnant she must survive this 7th and her final season to win her freedom and ultimate Fame!
Violent, disturbing and undeniably fun this dark feature was originally conceived as an actual weekly television series until the director decided it would have more of an impact as a one time feature. That was a good move, I dont think this would have worked on a weekly basis, but as it stands its a sick well executed spoof that you can't take your eyes off, that is if your not bothered by madcap violence and depravity

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