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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Early Review: Disturbia

Early Review!!!!! Disturbia the new suspense thriller from director D.J. Caruso (Salton Sea) focuses on the life of a troubled teen Kale (Shia LeBeouf) after the tragic death of his father. One year after the event he is still deeply affected by his loss. One day without much provocation he attacks his Spanish teacher. This action then leads to his house arrest and Kale has a special house arrest tracker placed on his ankle. Bored with the 3 months he is to remain under house arrest Kale then starts to entertain himself by spying on his neighbors including his hot new neighbor Ashley (Sarah Roemer).

He then becomes aware of his neighbors everyday routine. But he starts to notice that something about neighbor Turner(David Morse) isn't right. Kale thinks Turner is a killer when one night he thinks he sees Turner attack a young woman. Or does he? His best friend Ronnie (Aaron Yoo) and Ashley start to help out with his stakeout and watch Turner. However, things take a turn when Kales mom (Carrie-Anne Moss) becomes taken with Turner and Kale finds that he must prove his neighbor is a killer before something happens to his mother or him. But its kind of hard to convince people, when everyone thinks you're a basketcase, troublemaker kid going stir-crazy.

To me this film was pretty good but not spectacular. It was a lot like watching a WB version of Hitchcock's Rear Window. You can always judge for yourself. The film opens nationwide April 13th.

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