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Tuesday, March 6, 2007

12 Worst Sequels Of ALL Time!

Sequels. Some work. Some suck. Apparently after reaching number 1 at the box office and grossing 38 million domestically in its first week, Wild Hogs may turn into a sequel.

I guess they’re gonna do that with Ghost Rider too.

Well hell, while you’re at it, you might as well add Basic InSTINK 3 to the mix!
Uggh! So at NYIndieSeen, we took it upon ourselves to list the WORST sequels EVER!

Enjoy kidz…

1. Basic Instink 2 – The movie sucked so bad it smelled.

2. The Matrix Neverendolutions – When I saw the ending I felt robbed of 6 hours of my life. Well maybe 4 since the first one was actually good.

3. The Next Karate Horse ummm…Kid – I’m sorry but Hilary Swank filling Macchio’s shoes was dumb as hell.

4. Teen Justin-Bateman-WTF? Too – Why did they just change actors on us? I hate it when they do that!

5. Batman and His Bitch…I mean Robin – Who asked Joel Schumacher to add nipples to the costume to bring in more moviegoers??

6. Dumb and Dumberest Movie Ever – This is 2 hours of my life I will NEVER get back. Sob.

7. Speed 2 Without Keanu – Hey that rhymed! I’m sorry but the lack of Keanu’s hotness made this movie a dud.

8. Greasy 2 – I think Didi Conn was like the only original cast member in this craptacular flick.

9. I Still Know Why This Movie Sucks – as in I Know What You Did Last Summer…yea even Jennifer “the D cup” Love-Hewitt’s twins couldn’t save this movie.

10. Queen Of The DAMMIT! – This sequel to Interview With The Vampire is soooo bad. Ann Rice is crying in a little corner right now becuz of it.

11. The Fly (without Geena Davis) II – Once again, do not get rid of the actors that made the movie interesting to watch.

12. The Ring (I’d rather have a real one) Two – Was this supposed to be a horror film?

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