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Wednesday, February 7, 2007

You're Fired!!

We can all relate can't we? It's a part of the human condition. At one time in ALL of our lives we have worked at a job and GOT FIRED.

So this witty actress-turned-author-turned filmmaker decided to document everyone's experience of being fired by interviewing industry people such as Tim Allen, Andy Dick, and Judy Gold about their own personal experiences being fired in the industry or otherwise.

The idea of the film started when actress Annabelle Gurwitch was fired from a play by Woody Allen. She thought about what damage can happen to one's career by being fired by a cultural icon? Turning to friends in showbiz, she was ssured she was not alone. She decided to go on a journey to answer the question: is fired the best thing or the worst thing that could happen in one's life?

The film is currently being screened at:

City Cinemas Village East
181 2nd AvenueNew York, NY 10003
(212) 529-6998

Click on the link for local showtimes.

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