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Monday, February 5, 2007

Whatever Happened To Wil Wheaton?

Remember Wil Wheaton? The cute kid from Stand By Me? Or the Mafia's boss' son in Toy Soldiers? Okay, okay, how about Wesley Crusher from Star Trek: The Next Generation? There you you know who I'm talkin about. What happened to that guy? He just sorta like...disappeared.

Well I decided to do my research (which is basically just typing his name in IMDB) and after long treacherous hours of scrutinizing and probing for information, I found out what he's been doing! He's actually been doing voice-over work for video games and animated TV shows. WTF?? C'mon Wil you can't look that bad that you've now subjected yourself to being a voice-over actor. Has anyone seen Wil lately? Does he look horrid? Is he like deformed or something? Why is he doing voice-overs? I mean this was like the most updated photo we could find of him and it aint bad.

Please let us know here at NYIndieSeen if you are able to solve this mystery. I miss seeing his cute lil face. Wil where are you?????

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