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Monday, February 12, 2007

Shut Up and Sing Bitch!

I was all Dixie Chicked out this weekend. I saw the three fierce Country music super stars in the documentary : Shut Up and Sing this weekend, The film was very eye opening .
You remember the incident when the loud mouth one (Natalie Maines) said "We're ashamed George W. Bush is from Texas"?

Well after that quote the girls came under fire by the media and those red neck Bush Lovin-country fans. Folks were burnin up their CD's, Dj's were boycotting and refusing airplay, and the chicks even got death threats calling them traitors to their country (uhm I dont know bout dem Hicks but in my country we have a little thing called Free speech)!

I honestly did not know the extent of how serious the effect Maines' statements had on the group. It affected them emotionally and financially and they lost a large number of fans as a result.

But Last night the Chicks proved they had staying power when they took home Album Of The Year at the Grammy Awards. As Nelson would say..."Hah Hah" (Maines said that last night). Lil cutie pie that she is. I didnt really give half a damn before but I actually like these bitches now. I'm not exactly a country music enthusiast, but now I feel inclined to buy a record. Well, I actually plan to just download it from LimeWire.

But check out this film, because it just goes to show, that freedom of speech really isn't as free as the constitution allows it these days. Shame, shame, shame America.

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