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Friday, February 16, 2007


Who was spotted in NYC this week???

Kevin Pollack on 59th and 3rd Ave shopping at Urban Outfitters. Wow people still shop there?

Julianne Moore on Broadway and 12th at Japonica restaurant with her two youngins.

Matt Damon on Broadway and 89th sitting in a coffee shop with a script, (probably for The Fighter) a cup of coffee, and a fruit tart.

Sandra Bernhard on 19th and Broadway walking with her daughter and an unknown woman (more likely her lesbian lover).

Hugh Grant on West 57th St at Nobu. Chillin and eatin some Japanese cuisine.

Sienna Miller at 29 Union Square West at a coffee shop. She was seen drinking wine and having lunch with a blonde-haired guy….no, it wasn’t Jude Law. The stopped banging ages ago.

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