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Thursday, February 15, 2007

IndieSeen Favorite: Sean Patrick Thomas

Sean Patrick Thomas is someone we love. Why? Because first of all he’s easy on the eyes. Second, he was the only brotha holdin down in all of those teen movies that suddenly came out in the late 90’s?

I remember seeing him in
Can’t Hardly Wait and I thought he was sooo cute. He was funny as hell too. Then he stole Cecile’s heart in Cruel Intentions. He was the guy who was supposedly from the streets but lives on 59th and Park in Manhattan?
Then I remember seeing him in Save The Last Dance he liked totally inspired Julia Stiles to pursue her talent of dancing. Such a great love story!

Oh course you can’t forget about the college-educated brainiac barber who was always right in the film
Barber Shop. He would get into it with everybody. I love the first scene he’s in when he’s at the coffee shop ordering a latte. So typical of college jerkys like that.

Anyways, we just wanna give a quick shoutout To the S.P.T!
sincerely: J

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