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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Our Valentinez Day Movie Picks

So it looks like everybody's favorite holiday to hate is here, we initially did not want to acknowledge it. Pretend like it was just any other day here around the IndieSeen office, ya know: complete with crying off in a lonely darkened corner somewhere and cutting out the heads of our Ex's in our old photo albums... yup, just like any other day. Cooler minds prevailed however and we have decided to instead give you a list of our favorite anti-Valentinez movies.
they are in no particular order or rank, just kinda whatever came to mind. So this holiday pop yourself some Redenbachers, get 4 or 5 bottles of wine, and enjoy these heartwarming gems:

1- The Doom Generation: Greg Araki's Cult "Hetero" Love story will charm you through to the violently Rapey End. Awww

2- Chuck and Buck: Stalking has never been so endearing as it is in this 2000 Miguel Areta feature about a man who becomes obsessed with his estranged child hood best friend.

3- Roger dodger: a snaked tongued playboy brings his teenaged nephew into the bars and streets of Manhattan trolling for some puss, what they get is the Luscious Jennifer Beals and a lesson in how to treat women. ( its a fun lil chat fest)

4- The shape of things: how to create your perfect mate,... and then crush his heart into tiny little pieces

5-The Rules of Attraction: "A relationship is in the eye of the beholder" as these 3 deranged collegiate kids prove in the 2002 Roger Avery Cult hit

6- Cherry Falls: yeah it was Monday's pic o the day but so fucking what, its perfect for this list!

7- Titanic: The last 10 minutes, when they all go down.

8- Heathers: This film is what true love is all about. Kill your best friend and blow up your entire school for the one you love. Awwwz.

9- Open Water: These two stick with each other in water thru the whole movie. So cute that they both stayed and became appetizers rather than leaving one another.

10- To Die For: It's not only about killing for love. But fame and fortune is also romatical too!

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