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Thursday, February 1, 2007

IndieSeen Favorite: John Malkovich

He's a force to be reckoned with in the Best Actor category of ANY type of award. His acting is precise, accurate, and seamless. We love him because his films has made a large impact in both the independent and mainstream communites. Sometimes its hard to balance and figure out if its the film that intrigues us, or the mere presence of John Malkovich being a part of the ensemble cast. Like most seasoned actors, he started in Theater, and from there he moved onto to TV in the 80's. His first most remakrable TV appearance was at Biff Loman in Death Of A Salesman which also starred the legendary Dustin Hoffman. His first noted film was the Spielberg epic Empire Of The Sun he co-starred with a young Christian Bale. As the sleazy, yet cunning protege.

We also remember him playing a cunning character in the devious Dangerous Liasions. He was deceptive, yet charming which comes across so natural for this actor. My personal favorite of the Malkovich brand of films is Of Mice and Men. He played Lennie Small. Reading the book, you don't automatically think of John Malkovich as the obese Lennie Small, but he managed to play the role so well that the film recieved rave reviews from film critics everywhere. He brought an innocence to the role, but was quite subtle and honest with the emotion he brought to Lennie. It's by far one of the best of his performances.

John went on to play in other films such as Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde in Mary Reilly. He seems to be attracted to roles where he plays a bad guy or someone is struggling to prove himself and do good, but just has failed intentions. That "type" of character was reprised once again in Con-Air. He played an prisoner who hijacks an airplane. He brought a sense of sarcastic humor to the character which has become sort of a trademark for Malkovich in his acting style.

But John Malkovich is so good, so well received, so adored as an actor that there was a movie actually named after him. In 1999, Being John Malkovich was released. Its a quirky film about a puppeteer who discovers a door that is the portal to John Malkovich's brain. Then he laters sees this as an opportunity and begins to sell "trips" to Malkovich's mind. Pretty trippy huh? Well it was directed by Spike Jonze and written by Charlie Kaufman, so you can't exactly expect the film to be on the straight and narrow.
This man has had a solid career and makes hit after hit. You can catch him now in Eragon, a fantasy about a Dragon's egg. The film is currently in theaters.

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