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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

IndieSeen Favorite: Gabrielle Union

3 words for this girl : 'FAB' 'U' 'Lous', A definite IndieSeen favorite, Gabrielle Union got her start playing the "token black girl" in those late 90's teen flicks like , 10 Things I Hate About You and She's All That, always out shining whatever Upcoming WB starlet of the moment she was in the scene with.
Confident and sexy Gabrielle has that Foxxy girl next door charm about her, she can play sweet one minute and Saucy the next.

Originally attending the University of Nebraska in hopes of becoming a Lawyer she ended up transferring to UCLA where she interned at a Modeling Agency, while working there she was offered a contract with them, she gained fame as a model for a while before deciding to pursue a career in film.
this gorgeous girl has been working steadily in Hollywood for quite some time, appearing in guest spots on shows like Malibu Shores and Moesha, after her breakout role in 2000's hit cheerleader romp Bring it on opposite Kirsten Dunst she starred in Abandon, The Brothers, and Two Can Play That Game, she also became notable for being the very first Prominent African American female character to appear on the sitcom Friends in 1999 (that's a damn shame)
Gabrielle got her first star turn as the uptight and seemingly always in control Eva Dandridge in the enjoyable 2003 Gary Hardwick film Deliver us from Eva opposite LL cool J.
Gabrielle has an intelligence and spark that shines on film as if she's born for the screen, she captivates.

Never coming off as over the top she has a subtle whimsical lena Horne elegance about her.
the 35 year old stunner continues to charm the screen in recent fair like Running With Scissors, and the New release Daddy's Little Girl, you can also see her in the critically buzzed 2005 independent feature NeoNed.

Its always refreshing to see an actress of color especially one as appealing as Union get the credit and roles she deserves.
this Fall you can see Gabrielle starring in the Highly anticipated Americanized version of the blockbuster British soap Footballers wives.

In the New ABC serial she is set to play Chardonay Lane a high maintenance aspiring pop star married to a Football playing Golden boy.
It's a role that closely mirrors her life as she was once married to Jacksonville jaguars running back Chris Howard, however the two divorced in November of 2005.
What a fool he is for letting this Goddess go.
Gabrielle is a force to be reckoned with in Hollywood and has future Icon written all over her.

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