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Monday, February 12, 2007

IndiePic "O" the day: Cherry Falls

Many say the Original script for this one was far better than the executed feature, which never really got a theatrical release because it could not secure a proper distributor. Many studios wanted nothing to do with movie because of the high sex and violence factor. Eventually a Heavily edited version premiered on the cable network USA. I have yet to read the original Cherry Falls script and though I don't think this film is a particular classic, I still give this 2000 Geoffrey Wright slasher credit for its deliciously twisted plot.

A homicidal maniac starts plucking off the Virginal teens in a small Town. So whats the solution? A big Ole Teenage Orgy!.
Starring a pre-Coke face Brittany Murphy and Jay Mohr, this fun little flick comes off as more that just another in the line of late 90's Scream Rip offs.

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