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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Indie Pick 'O' the day: Heights

Chris Terrio's 2004 studied drama Heights, assembles an impressive cast of young actors including Jesse Bradford, James Marsden and the always terrific Glenn Close.
It follows there seemingly casually connected lives in a span of 24 hours.
Within those 24 hours, events occur that eventually sheds light on a startling secret past and deceptive present, and eventually changes the characters lives.
Though this film is light on the cut away slam bang action scenes its smartly executed dramatic tension Manages to hold your interest.
The always dependable Glen close, gives another solid performance and Elizabeth banks is adequate, but its Jesse Bradford whose casual cool good looks and innocent demeanor manage to steal the scenes. ( at least for me anyway)
Musician Rufus Wainright also makes an entertaining Cameo.
I wont give away to much of the film, but there is a certain entertaining calm to the production that if you are easily distracted i wouldn't recommend sitting through, but if you are looking for a film you have the time to invest in, than check this one out.

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