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Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Indie Pick O' The Day: Fear Of A Black Hat

Fear Of A Black Hat is one of the funniest indie films of ALL TIME. If you have not seen this movie, go to Blockbuster, Netflix, or at least find your local bootlegger (we suggest 125th St. in Harlem) and get this movie!! You'll laugh hysterically during the entire film. TRUST US.

The film stars and is directed by Rusty Cundieff (he's my favorite character). If you've ever seen This is Spinal Tap, then its basically the same formula. It's a mockumentary of the life of this hip hop group called NWH (Niggaz With Hats). It's of course makin fun of the 90's gangsta rap group with Dr. Dre and Ice Cube called NWA. Anyways, a documentary filmmaker played by our IndieSeen favorite Kasi Lemmons, follows the group around on their tour and sees the lifestyle of being a hip hop artist in the music industry.

Of course, as all bands tend to do, a fight begins to ensue amongst the three members and they decide to part their ways starting solo careers. This is one of the highlights of the film, because their solo careers become the polar opposite of the image they portrayed as NWH. Good stuff!

A native of Pittsburgh, Rusty Cundieff also wrote the screenplay. He obviously comes from a comedic background since he wrote the sequel to House Party back in 1991. He also wrote and directed Tales From The Hood and Sprung.

This movie really does speak for itself, so we decided to insert a clip of the film just so you can get a taste of what we're talking about. Enjoy suckas!

P.S. The language is pretty graphic, so we suggest you put on your headphones if you're at work! make sure the lil kiddies aren't around!

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