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Monday, February 5, 2007

Indie Pick O' The Day: 28 Days Later

Yes, this was one of my favorite horror indies. A very great Zombie movie, and we must say, it's hard to make a GREAT zombie movie. I mean you had the classic Night Of The Living Dead, but then they ruined it when they made 500 sequels out of it. Then you had the horrible cult classic Dawn Of The Dead. Wich I thought was way cheesy, but still wanted to see it. However what separates 28 Days Later from every other zombie movie ever made is the fact that there is a substantial plot, and a plausible backstory to this film. We actually know the origin of the how these people became zombies, unlike Dawn Of The Dead, that just assumes that people become zombies on the turn of a dime and start killin folk.

The film stars Cillian Murphy (before the Red Eye/Batman Begins fame) and Naomie Harris, who is amazing as our lead heroine. There's a nude scene with Murphy at the very beginning that is a bit distracting, but interesting. Leave it to Danny Boyle to give us some male full-frontal nudity.

Anyways, the story progresses after a man-made virus in a science lab leaks and infects the personnel. As a result the virus spreads and turns people into killer zombies. Cool right?

Well, rather than take the story and make it all about the zombies killin and eatin up people, the story digresses into a subplot between our heroine, Selena is attacked by a milita group assigned to barricade and seal up the area that is NOT infected by the virus. However, desperation for female attention ensues and one of the soldiers takes unwanted sexual advances towards Selena. Forcing her to be in a situation where now she not only has to fight for her life against killer zombies, but fight for her "yum yums" against a potential rapist.

If you watch the DVD there are 4 alternate endings to the movie. So you can decide which one you find was the best. In my opinion, the theatrical release ending was the best, but maybe you'll think differently. Either way, no one can argue that this is by far the best zombie film of all time. We just ask one thing...please don't make this a sequel.
P.S. I love the fact that this whole movie was shot on HD 24P camera. It totally looked like it was shot on film.

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