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Friday, February 9, 2007

Indie Pic O' The Day: Mixing Nia

Mixing Nia is a film directed by Alison Swan released in 1998.

The film stars Karyn Parsons (who looks fabulous in person) and Isaiah Washington (the homophobe). It deals with a girl named Nia, who is biracial, works for a successful ad agency as a copy writer. She lives a white yuppie life and comes to terms with her racial identity when she is ordered to push a new brand of beer directed towards black ghetto kids.

The film is for anyone of mixed race who is struggling with their identity. Nia later becomes torn in a love triangle between a white man and a black man and is forced to deal with who she is as a woman of mixed race.

I saw this film at an HBO Blackfilmmaker series and it was the only film that stood out to me at the event. The film's director, Alison Swan attended NYU and won the Spike Lee Fellowship which allowed her funding for films.

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