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Friday, February 16, 2007

Don't See Open Water 2: Adrift or Ghost Rider For That Matter...

Damn why do movie studios have to cash in on a good thing? Why why why???? There are thousands of GOOD independent filmmakers who are starving to get distribution and get their films made.

But noooo, big movie studios run by producers who know absolutely nothing about filmmaking and instead have MBA’s rather than Film degrees prefer to choose a piece of shit trash like Open Water 2: Adrift or Ghost Rider which NYIndieSeen predicted that it would be shotty and all of the major film critics agreed.

We need better movies! We need to end the establishment of studio distribution! We want INDIE! Can I just say that the only films that actually have been worthy of awards within the past 10 years have all been independent films?

So do us a favor, instead of renting this craptacular film on DVD when its released on Feb 20th rent Babel or Shut Up and Sing. Instead of paying to see Ghost Rider save your money next week and watch The Abandoned or if you wanna go out and check out a flick we rather you see Tyler Perry’s new flick. Or catch up on the Oscar nominated films this year, since the Oscars will air next weekend. Give yourself something more productive to do rather than waste 2 hours of your life that you will never get back.


P.S. I know that the studios are hungry for comic book films and thought maybe Ghost Rider would be bankable. Perhaps if next time they think to cast unknown TALENTED actors instead washed up Alist turned Blist actors in the film, it possibly could have been a better movie. Perhaps.

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