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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Best Songs By Movie Association

So I was surfin the web, because I'm broke as hell this weekend and don't have any money to go out. But I noticed this blog called Popped Culture and on this blog there is a list of 15 Songs that are Owned By Movie Scenes. There are occasionally songs you hear on the radio, or in your iPod, and you immediately associate that song with the movie it played in--songs by movie association.

Itz a pretty accurate list. But there is one song missing that I was looking for specifically on that list...actually there are a few.

Here are the songs we at NYIndieSeen thought shoulda made the cut:

The Verve "Bitter Sweet Symphony" Cruel Intentions

Public Enemy "Fight The Power" Do The Right Thing

Deseree "Kissing You" Romeo + Juliet

Love Spit Love "How Soon Is Now" The Craft (I totally think about The Craft when I hear that song)

Isaac Hayes "Walk On By" Dead Presidents

Billy Idol "White Wedding" The Wedding Singer (sorry, but this movie always comes to mind when I hear this jam)

Aerosmith "Dude (Looks Like A Lady)" Mrs. Doubtfire

Well that's it for now...

Of course I still can't get that "How To Save A Life" song from The Fray out of my head...since I'm SUCH a hardcore Grey's Anatomy geek.

I know this is a movie blog...get it 2gether! Sorry... I can't resist! Any excuse to add a Grey's clip on the ol bloggie right? YEAH.

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