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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

What Can't this bitch Do??

As you all know, the Sundance film festival is currently underway in Park City, Utah, and despite the celeb sight seeing, Paparazi stalk fest it has become the festival is really all about the Movies. About celebrating indie films, It is used as a showcase for independent filmmakers to Premiere there latest projects, be recognized by their peers, and hopefully get a distribution deal out of the whole thing.

Currently in contention is the new film Chapter 27
Here's the Imdb Synopsis of the film:

New York City. December 1980. Mark Chapman arrives in New York with the intent to kill John Lennon. A depressed and unstable soul, Chapman is torn between his love and awe for John Lennon's persona and his desire to kill Lennon in order to gain notoriety for himself. The story portrays Chapman's mental collapse, which is played out through his obsession with JD Salinger's classic novel 'The Catcher in the Rye', as Chapman's demons win over, and persuade him to shoot Lennon on the steps of Lennon's apartment building.

The film is written and directed by J.P. Schaefer, and stars Jordan CatalonO in a fat suit, consisting of his actual body (luckily theres no eyeliner or crappy emo music in site). But the big news is that Lindsay Lohan also stars. When I first heard this i was quite impressed that she had chosen "this Film" as her acting debut, Honestly I would have assumed that she'd be starting off with some lame O' horror movie like "I recall some shit you pulled Last Winter" or Straight to video American Pie sequel.

It impressed me she was moving on from her former employ of being the drunk skank at parties, who flashes Vag, Bangs-out Mtv reality show stars, and fights with other Drunk skanks.

That was until I was informed that this was not in fact her acting debut. that Lindsay was in fact an already established actress. racking up credits in illustrious presentations like The parent Trap, Life Size, and even a guest starring spot on the Hit series That 70's show.

Color me surprised, bitch has plenty of experience and Now she's ready to move over to the big time. We Commend you Lindsay for pulling that straw away from your nostril, Wipeing the vomit stains from your "clever catchphrase emblazoned" Tee, and sinking your teeth into an indie feature role as meaty as jared leto's wrists in this movie

Brava! Linds Brava!


BoycottChapter27 said...

Remember John Lennon, not his killer

Anonymous said...

Dont understand the big deal with this movie, i thought it was base in fiction. but if its not, why would they make a movie about the guy who killed leenon?
and who the hell does lindsay play in this?