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Monday, July 23, 2007

SEEN O' The Day: Cruel Intentions

Cruel Intentions
Directed By Roger Kumble

This is by far the best scene in this film!

In the original cut of this scene , Ryan Phillippe's "Sebastian" character was supposed to bitch slap Buffy after she revealed her sinister plot and then attempt to rape her. However the studio did not like that version, because it no longer made Sebastian a compassionate character.
Umm news flash, Valmont isnt supposed to be a compassionate character he's supposed to be a vile, lecherous, creepster. The Original scene can be found on the DVDs deleted scenes section and adds a much more complex and ambigous tone to the film. Not just your typical good guy Vs bad guy scenario Hollywood is so comfortable with shoving down our throats.
I guess the 15 year-old girls, Sony was banking on to make the movie a hit dont wanna see there precious Sassy magazine Cover boys attempting rape.

thank god for independent films where at least the directors vision can win out over the big studios constant obsession with the Bottom Line.
This Movie is still Majorly Gnarls though.

Here is a tiny clip of that scene (its a lil weak, so you'll have to buy the DVD to see the rest)

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