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Friday, January 26, 2007


Here are some celebrities SEEN in NYC this week!

Molly Shannon was at 15th and 9th Ave at Starbucks! The former SNL star was really sweet to the baristas..hope she gave a good tip.

Jon Bon Jovi was at W 11th St singing "Dead or Alive" aloud in the streets like a mad man. Ok, we're joking.

Claire Danes was at E 9th St having lunch at a cafe and sitting in the window so everyone can notice her. That is

Queen Latifah was at 80 Columbus Circle seen gettin into a black Bentley. No gal pal with her this time, but she looked thin and pretty. (I guess it helps her girlfriend is a fitness trainer)

Drew Barrymore at Spring St. seen Making out with some Gay dude ( Not Fabrisio Maretti)

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