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Friday, January 19, 2007


Taye Diggs lookin hot was seen at Ludlow between Rivington and Stanton. We wonder if he's still torn up about "Daybreak"?

Halle Berry was at Prince and Mercer St. She was with her fine-ass-Verasce-model-babidaddy-wannabee boyfriend.

David Schwimmer at 119 Sullivan St chillin in SoHo with a blonde girl. No one seemed to notice him.

Spike Lee at 8th Ave and W 33rd St. He was at Borders with his son. They almost appeared to be the same height.

Parker Posey near E 12th and 3rd Ave. We hear she lives somewhere in Union Square. She looked fabulous this time and not all frazzled looking as usual.

NYIndieSeen staffer caught a D-lister...

John Norris from MTV News. Does this guy still do the news? Well J. saw John in Chelsea at 18th St and 8th Ave asking for directions to ANY happy hour bars in the area. He stated, "I don't know of any bars around here, I don't live in Chelsea". However, other NYIndieSeen staffers have seen him in the area before...apparently looking for man candy.

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