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Friday, January 26, 2007

New York News

The Fresh prince's film causes a stir in Brooklyn: Showbuzz

American Idol, New York reject gettin famous?: NYDailyNews

So Jennifer Hudson DOESN'T wanna bitch slap Beyonce?:

Smokin Ace's opens today with Smoking Hott NY alumn Alicia Keys: Villiage Voice

News and gossip: Side note
So this Ian guy, from American Idol is like Blowing Up now. If any of ya'll missed his Fierce Debut here's a sneak peek of why EVERYBODY is talkin about this future superstar, I'm being dead serious to , I could totes see this mess getting his own show on vh1 or something.
Have you watched that channel lately?
(them suckas will give a show to a tap dancing crack head) I love it.

Go head boy

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