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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Just For Fun

NYIndieSeen wants to do an awards show too!

Here are the WORST performances and Films of 2006!! That's right, we think these actors SUCKED!

Worst Performance By A Male Actor

Sly Stallone Rocky Balboa

We say this for 2 reasons: 1. He should have never remade this film at the age of 113 years old.

2. We no longer understand what this man is saying. The whole slurred speech thing is no longer sexy and appealing, its just now a sign of old age.

Worst Performance By A Male Actor (Supporting Role)

Mos Def 16 Blocks

Sorry bruh, you've been good in alot of movies...but this ain't one of em. His accent in this movie was one of the most AGGRAVATING we've ever heard. Mos was tryin too hard in this one. Was he tryin to get an Oscar? Or just tryin to stay in character by being the ANNOYING thorn in Bruce Willis' side??

Worst Performance By A Female Actress

Beyonce Knowles Dreamgirls

Yeah yeah. We know she got nominated for a Globe and all that so there fore she is a "bonafide" legitimate actress....hell to tha naw! Any role, where you are playing YOURSELF and YOU really aint all that...your are qualified to be a BAD actress. So congrats on your NYIndieSeen Award Beyonce!!!

Worst Performance By A Female Actress (Supporting Role)

Ashanti John Tucker Must Die

Who told Ashanti that she should act?? Can we shoot that person now? We love you Ashanti but stick to singing....cuz we know at least you can make more hitz that way.

Worst Film Of The Year

Superman Returns

One of the most anticipated films of the year became the most dissapointing. The casting was horrible, the story was lacking, and that damn Kryptonite curl was gettin on our last nerves! His curl managed to stay crisp and petrified through the entire film...maybe the movie shoulda been about the Kryptonite Kurl.

1 comment:

HD KILLAH said...

I dont agree with Superman being the worst movie of the year. There were plenty worst films. I don't know though
Beerfest was pretty bad.