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Saturday, January 20, 2007

John Mayer, An Aspiring Screenwriter?

Unless you've been living under a rock, or you just don't care, Isaiah Washington (Dr. Burke) from Grey's Anatomy has been under scrutiny this week for calling T.R. Knight (George) the "F" word (the homophobic slur f-word that is). Since uttering the word not once but twice there is speculation that ABC may fire him.

Well John Mayer has put in his 2 cents about the issue and thinks that the writers of the show should have Dr. Burke come out of the closet and admit he's gay. That way Washington can be forced to play the role of a homosexual man for the duration of the TV series.

Sound clever? Perhaps. However, John Mayer has posted a sample of how HE thinks the script should be written on his blog.

The writing is actually pretty good. Is John Mayer "coming out" as a screenwriter? Is this his next career endeavor? I guess it's convienent to use this public faux pa as a way to show the public you can write for TV as well as write songs.

Hmm...take a look at the blog and tell us what U think. We think maybe John Mayer should write for GA.

1 comment:

leilani said...

He's a damn good writer....maybe he should write for Grey's Anatomy!