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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

IndieSeen Favorite: Gregg Araki

An INDieSeen Favorite, Independent Filmmaker Gregg Araki, has always had a spark about him, his films are visually stunning pop art that tend to ride the line of moral ambiguity. Usually focusing his gaze on vapid Young minds in a post modern and often times violently deranged world: see Nowhere, Totally Fucked up, Araki uses these subjects as a means of allowing us to see into a future the product of our unfocused A.D.D, superficial MTV influences.
Daring and Bold, Araki's films either create a response of adoration or absolute revulsion.

in this 1995 interview from the site Bright Lights Film journal, Araki discusses his modern classic The Doom Generation.

Read : Young, Beautiful and F***ed

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