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Saturday, April 19, 2008

NYIndieSeen 101: Refresher Course

We just wanna give you a refresher course about what our labels mean:

*These labels are subject to change*

Short Film Corner: This archive contains short films written, directed, and produced by independent filmmakers like you who are sharing their movies for all of you to see. It's a great opportunity to have indie filmmakers have the works put out there for ALL IndieCrew readers!

News and Gossip: Pretty self-explanatory. It's basically just news updates and gossip heard round the world about either the indie film community, or the latest happenings in the entertainment biz. We will try our best not to talk TOO much about Lindsay Lohan or worse...Paris H. YUCK.

Indie Pick O' The Day: These are our picks for the best independent films that "we" like. You may agree with them, or you may disagree. But we likez them and we have a daily feature of a movie that has either made a profound effect on us personally, or we may feel has made an effect on the industry. You are always more than welcome to email us an Indie Pick O' The Day you feel should be recognized.

Favorite SEENS: Typically these are clips pulled from YouTube and uploaded on the blog. They may be indie or studio films, but typically they are the most noted scenes in movies we have all watched.

Sexy Bitches: Filmmakers, actors, writers, or anyone involved in the industry who we recognize as being SEXY. We like them, wanna date them, we may wanna have their babies, or we just want to add some eye candy with some sexy ass pictures on this blog.

Dailies: Just ordinary, mundane, monotonous information about the biz or local events in NYC that YOU need to know about it. Some information may not affect you, some may be crucial to your career as a filmmaker.

IndieSeen Favorite: Anyone in the biz actor or filmmaker or both who we feel has made an impact in the indie film biz. Some favorites may just be actors who in "our eyes" we find appealing and some are in fact movers and shakers in the industry.

Dumb Bitches: LoL. Yea, this is a crazy archive (we're goin a lil Perez Hilton on this one) but its basically people in the industry who we find are leeches or "fillers" in the biz that really shouldn't be there. Some of these people may once have been well-liked and sorta fell off. Others may just be people who you just can't stand and never will who we find to be just a dumb bitch. (Lindsay Lohan will always be archived in this category). Oh yea and DB next to someone's name means that as well.

Hot Messes: This category is somewhat synonymous with Dumb Bitches, the only exception is, these are rejects either cast away from the industry or still struggling to prove themselves in the biz. Typically they are cokeheadz, felons, sluts, or harpies who we find are nobodies in this business.

SEEN in NYC: We live in New York City and this city is filled with celebrities. So occasionally we may spot a few. Some of these celebs have been seen directly from an NYIndieSeen Staffer, others have been spotted by third parties that have reported it to Page Six. We will update you weekly on who was spotted in the Big Apple.

The Indie EXperience: This is an important archive, the one you should ALL pay attention to. It is dedicated the the filmmakers out there who do not yet have a voice in this industry. It allows a filmmaker, writer, or actor to write about their experience about working in the film industry. Some writers provide a sample of their work, and some filmmakers provide a list of their works. A photo can be viewed of each IndieCrew member with their article about their experience. This is an opportunity to be heard and SEEN out there in the film community. Please email us at if you are interested in the IndieEXperience.

Trailer Trash: This is fair game. However, it is MAINLY for movie trailers that have been recut to either be humorous, scary, dramatic, or just plain silly. However, if we find an actor or celebrity to be trailer trash in the "literal" sense, then they will be archived in this category.

Whatever Happened To?: This is for former celebz in the biz that are no longer with us. NO, they didn't die! They just fell off the map. Now we want to know what happened to them?

Hype/Hate: This blog is written by the one and only HP McHatey about movies that are rated by HYPE -(movies Hatey liked) or HATE- (movies Hatey..uh...well you know). It's always a fun read and very popular with our readers. You never know what this guy is gonna say.

JGL (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), Lindsay Lohan, etc: There are a few archives (and more may be developed) of people in the biz who we either like a lot or dislike with a passion. Some of our staffers are partial to these folk, so more blogs are written about them. Which means they deserve an archive. So keep on readin!

Shooting in NYC: Very important. These are films that are shooting in New York City. So if you are interested in working on any of the films, the address, name of the production, and location is listed for you. Unfortunately we DO NOT have phone numbers to contact these productions. You'll have to play detective in that aspect.

Whackness: Movies, people, news items, etc that we just find to be whack. It's boring, dull, and lackluster. We really don't care, but feel like its a nice "filler" to the blog. Just some extra shit to say...even though its wack.

NYIndieSeen Exclusive: These are events that are happening that NYIndieSeen are the first to know about and we extend that information to YOU our readers. More than likely you will not see this information anywhere else, so play close attention to the updates in this archive!

Movie Genres: We divide up all of our movie reviews into the genres it belongs in. So you will see Indie Comedy, Drama, Horror, Thriller, Action/Adventure, etc listed among the labels.

Thatz all for now. Like we said, these labels are subject to change cuz we like to switch it up every now and then. We get bored too easily.


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